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About Daniel Nachum

Hi, I'm Dan.

I used to say that I started real estate as a way to help people, but I actually think there’s a bit more to that story.

Before this, I worked well over 60 hour weeks in a family pizzeria; I waited tables, dealt with hungry customers, and dreamed of the day where I would swap my sauce-stained apron for something a bit more meaningful. Some might say that my 20’s were a “teenage wasteland”— the only thing I knew how to do right was food and I was hungry for something more challenging.

I got my real estate license in 2017 but never put it to real use until 2021, where I decided that it was time to put some elbow grease into something that genuinely fueled me:

1/2 part — the ridiculous desire to be obsessed with my work
1/2 part — the love for the pursuit of knowledge
1 part — the desire to help make a meaningful difference in someone’s life

In that first year, I did over $7,000,000 in sales volume and helped 20 families make one more step towards their dreams. To me, real estate isn’t just about the home— it’s about teaching, learning, sharing, and maximizing every aspect to help anyone make the most of an extremely personal experience.

I’m confident that with me as your agent, I can help you get your cake and eat it, too.

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